Payment Reminder

Dear [first_name],

Oops! Looks like you have not made your payment to for the Tango Connects Berlin Conference happening 06-08 September 2024, hosted by Nou Community Berlin e.V. in Germany. Please note, the conference language is English due to its international orientation, i.e. international speakers, online, and in person audience.

Your total contribution is 235 € (+ transfer fees if applies from your bank).
If you live outside the European Union please get in touch upon having received this message so we can offer you an alternative payment method.

Your registration ID is your first name + last name.
To complete your registration, we would like you to transfer your contribution within 5 workdays via bank transfer – but latest until June 7th, 2024.

Bank Details:
Account Name: Nou Community Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE42 4306 0967 1327 7607 00
Amount: 235 €

Payment description:
[Enter your registration ID = your first name + last name]

In case you are receiving this messages but have already done your payment, please consider this message as irrelevant.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:
Payment should be placed within 5 days. In case of no payment until June 7th, 2024 the registration is cancelled by the organization. Your cancellation will automatically come into effect on June 11th. In case of payment difficulties or special requests please contact us at the email address listed below. In case of cancellation by participant due to unforeseen difficulties a 80% refund will be issued until the August 1st. In case of cancellation after the 1st of August direct refund will no longer be possible. In case of event cancellation due to divine intervention, the participation fee will be automatically transferred to the next event with the same refund policy as described above!
Should you have any additional questions, kindly contact us at registration@connects.berlin!

Cordially, your TCB Team
Almut, Julia(na), Vero, Thomas & Stefan