Are you interested in learning about the healing potential of tango? Consider joining us at Tango Connects! All disciplines are welcome, whether or not you’re an amateur tango dancer, a professional tango instructor, an event organiser or not connected to the tango community in any way. It’s an opportunity to expand your professional network as a coach, therapist, or bodywork practitioner and connect with others who share a passion for holistic health.

All the conference talks and workshops will be given and moderated in English.


The full package for conference participation is 235 Eur.

This package includes:

– 3 days of conference program;
– snacks & refreshments during the breaks;
– Friday’s Milonga at Nou Tango;
– video recordings and presentation/slide materials of the main talks, if available (in digital form), to be sent after the event.

The fee does not include Saturday and Sunday milongas, you can pay for those events separately at the door and you do not need to book them in advance.

For the parallel sessions, you will be able to choose which workshops or talks you would like to attend directly during the event.


Please register by filling out the form below. We will send you an email with the payment details within a few days upon receiving your registration. The number of places is limited due to available space. If case there are no more places left, we will put you on a waiting list and notify you as soon as a place is available.

Call for testimonials

Are you a tango dancer with a personal transformational story to share? Has tango been instrumental in overcoming trauma, catalyzing personal growth, or making a profound impact on your life? If you resonate with ‘the healing power of tango’ on a deep and personal level, we invite you to talk about it with us. We would like to use your testimonial as input for discussions and panels.

You can send us your testimonial anonymously by using the following form. It would help us if you kept it short and to the point. Do you feel like you have a story but you don’t know how to write it down in a short form? Think of it more as a global illustration, without too much detail. Here are some hypothetical examples:

“As an introvert, I have a tendency to self-isolate and it was always difficult for me to make new lasting friends. After starting to dance tango I managed to create sustainable social connections and even form some close friendships. Also, with tango I don’t have to push myself to go out and see people, I just dress up and go to a milonga. My social life has completely changed.”

“From the start, tango gave me so much joy, I couldn’t wait to go out dancing and take classes every day. It was to a point that it started to feel like an addiction, as if I was trying to escape my life. Until I looked the truth in the face and admitted to myself that my “normal” life didn’t give me much joy and that I needed to do something. After I found a job that was much more fulfilling than the old one, my tango passion also became much more balanced. I am a happier, more complete person now.”

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Briefly describe what kind of a personal story, experience or testimony you would like to share with the conference participants.
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